Make Lasting Impressions with Customer Service Training Programs

Customer service is a tough job. It’s not just about answering questions and resolving problems; it’s also about building relationships with customers so they feel valued, heard, and appreciated. Listenforce’s customer service training programs provide the training, tools, and insights to do just that.

Our highly customizable training is designed to match each organization’s unique needs based on industry or audience. We will take time to talk to you and your teams to really understand the issues and then make recommendations based on research and our many years of experience. Our goal is to deliver lasting, measurable improvements to the way your customer service team performs.
Customer Service Training

What you can expect

CLARC Methodology

Listenforce has analyzed phone skills of over 100 million calls since 2001, when we patented our call recording technology.

Since then, we’ve trained, coached, and scored the performance of thousands of people and their phone calls. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned and figured out the skills that have the biggest impact on sales and customer service.

Here is the secret sauce: CLARC phone skill training around these core areas:

  • Connect
  • Listen
  • Acknowledge
  • Recommend
  • Close

It seems common sense, but based on our most recent study of 50,000 calls, these critical phone skills are performed only by 20% of phone agents. The money is in the details.

Skill Indicators We Analyze

We monitor dozens of indicators to benchmark and continuously monitor each of your team members’ performance.  Are your reps connecting with callers and building relationships? Are they listening and asking the right questions to determine their needs best? Are they positioning themselves as subject matter experts and making recommendations? Are they taking the needed steps to close a sale?

Greetings & Politeness 92%
Acquire Contact Information 91%
Ask Questions 86%
Reinstate Needs 92%
Build Creditability 76%
Make Recommendations 85%
Mention Promotions 71%
Ask for Business 70%
Overcome Objections 81%
Say Thank you 96%
Representative Talking

Your Free Call Analysis & Personalized Coaching

What's Included:

  1. Discovery Meeting (15 Minutes):

    Complimentary session to understand your business and identify growth opportunities.

  2. Mystery Shopping Calls or Call Recordings Analysis:

    Our professionals evaluate your customer interactions at no cost.

  3. Live Consultation and Analysis:

    Free review with practical steps and insights to enhance performance and boost revenue.