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You may be leaving money on the table, losing potential customers, wanting to create a better experience or looking to scale. Either way, we got you!

We have 22+ years' worth of experience and have analyzed over 650 + million calls. We use AI technology to get real-time data on your customer service & sales skills to identify areas for improvement and to learn how and when people respond to your marketing, so you can allocate your spending effectively as well as convert conversations into sales.

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Increase in Conversions

We Use AI Technology To Get Real-Time Insights

Our specialty is turning conversations into sales, one conversation at a time. We understand it’s crucial for customer service and sales teams to go beyond being just a first point of contact and instead, actively contribute to revenue growth. However, many people struggle to build rapport and seize upselling opportunities over the phone, leaving money on the table every day and missing the opportunity to truly connect to create an exceptional  experience. 

What you can expect

Our Coaching & Training Programs

Our coaching and training programs are backed by real-time data.  We benchmark and monitor each of your team members’ performance. Is your team connecting with and building relationships? Are they listening and asking the right questions to determine their needs? Are they positioning themselves as experts in their industry and making recommendations? Are they overcoming objections to close a sale?

Greetings & Politeness 92%
Acquire Contact Information 71%
Ask Questions 86%
Re-state Needs 90%
Build Creditability 55%
Make Recommendations 85%
Mention Promotions 40%
Ask for Business 45%
Overcome Objections 50%
Say Thank you 81%
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